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  • Blood, Injury, Injection Phobia (BII Phobia)

    Blood, Injury, Injection Phobia is a type of specific phobia characterized by fainting (syncope), or feeling faint, at the sight of, or even at the prospect of encountering, blood, injury, or hypodermic injections. Sufferers from this condition might faint when their child cuts a finger, or when it’s necessary to have blood drawn. Individuals can be so sensitive that they can faint merely when someone nearby is speaking about a surgical procedure they have just had. Individuals who suffer from this often do not seek needed medical care out of fear of fainting in the doctor’s office and may go years between physical exams and inoculations.

    We, at the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of SoCal, have successfully treated numerous clients who have suffered from this disorder. CONTACT US today if you or a loved one suffers from this condition.