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  • Molly Wassel, ASW

    Molly Wassel (she/ her) is an Associate Clinical Social Worker specializing in affirming and trauma-informed  psychotherapy. She earned her Masters degree in Social Welfare from UCLA and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Art History from Pitzer College in Claremont, CA. Molly is queer-allied, racial justice allied, sex positive, and body positive. Combining CBT and humanist practices through a Queer Feminist lens, she draws upon individual strengths to amplify existing structures and facilitate personal and collective growth.

    Molly has worked in community health and private practice settings. She has provided Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy (ABA) to individuals on the autism spectrum and mental health support to middle and high schoolers and their families at STAR of CA. Molly worked at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Center for Transyouth Health and Development, delivering gender-affirming individual and group psychotherapy to build self-esteem and strengthen interpersonal relationships. She has experience facilitating art-therapy group sessions at in-patient rehabilitation facilities and providing outreach and case management to individuals experiencing homelessness. Through mutual understanding, collaboration, and expanded self-awareness, she provides clients with increased knowledge and support to gradually and holistically heal from life’s stressors.

    Molly is experienced in providing CBT for children, teens, and adults who are dealing with:

    • Anxiety and Panic Disorders
    • Aspects of Neurodiversity and any challenges unique to Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
    • Depression
    • Developmental Delays
    • Gender Identity and Dysphoria (including letters for gender confirmation surgery following WPATH standards)
    • Insomnia using CBT-I
    • LGBTQIA+/ Queer- Related concerns and Coming Out
    • OCD (Contamination, harm, checking, hoarding, etc.)
    • Sexual Identities and Non- Traditional Relationships (including polyamorous, asexual, BDSM, and other kink-alligned relationships)
    • Tics and other body-focused repetitive behaviors using CBIT

    Educational Background:

    MSW, Master of Social Welfare | University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) | Los Angeles, CA

    BA, Psychology and Art History | Pitzer College | Claremont, CA

    Molly is an Associate Clinical Social Worker (ASW #96245), supervised by Michele Rose, LCSW, and practices in our Glendale office. To connect with Molly, please email her at [email protected] or call (818)547-2623 extension 13.