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  • Gambling Addiction

    Gambling addiction or “problem gambling” can result in a host of devastating financial, legal, medical, and emotional consequences. Casino gambling, sports and horse race betting, day trading, slots and scratchers represent some of the main gaming habits that can adversely affect an individual, as well as surrounding families and communities.

    This is a growing problem in California, and across the United States due to 1) increased access to online gambling, 2) the rise of daily fantasy sports, and 3) the continued growth of the local casino industry.

    Cognitive Behavior Therapy addresses gambling problems by helping a gambler examine the patterns of thinking, decision making, and managing emotion that have become destructive. The tools and insights developed in CBT can help a gambler significantly reduce one’s problematic gambling and related financial losses – if not eliminate it altogether if desired.

    If you or a loved one are struggling with gambling addiction and would like to consult with us about the treatment options here at CBT SoCal, please contact us. You can also get more information by reading our article about how CBT can help people overcome problematic gambling, and listen to this podcast interview with a woman who successfully overcame her decades long gambling addiction.