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  • Sport Psychology Services

    Thank you for checking out Sport and Performance Psychology Services at the CBT Center of Southern California!

    Are you interested in achieving any of the goals listed below? 

    1. Gain a competitive edge.
    2. Help your child improve their experience in organized youth sport.
    3. Begin or continue an exercise program.
    4. Regain confidence or motivation following an injury.
    5. Improve your experience of exercise or sport.

    If you are interested in achieving any of these goals, then sport and performance psychology services at the CBT Center or Southern California may be right for you!

    What is sport psychology?

    Sport psychology is defined by the American Psychological Association (Division 47) as “the study and application of psychological principles of human performance in helping athletes consistently perform in the upper range of their capabilities and more thoroughly enjoy the sport performance process.” In other words, sport psychology is the study of how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors influence athletic performance.

    Here at the CBT Center of Southern California, Dr. Jason von Stietz uses evidence-based and time-tested approaches to helping athletes improve not only their performance but their mental wellbeing. He offers workshops on team building, communication, and the mental skills needed to maximize athletic performance.

    What can sport psychology help?

    Sometimes athletes are unable to perform at their best because of unhelpful beliefs. Other times athletes are already performing well and are looking for a competitive edge. Dr. Jason von Stietz can help them by teaching them skills including:

    • Focus/Refocus
    • Growth mindset
    • Team-building
    • Goal setting
    • Positive self-talk
    • Mindfulness
    • Confidence
    • Bouncing back from setbacks
    • Managing anxiety
    • Performance routines
    • More!

    At times, more serious issues can impact athletic performance (e.g. depression, anxiety, or emotional trauma). Although athletic endeavors are often highly rewarding, they can also be very stressful. Athletes can often feel immense pressure to perform well and achieve outcomes that are not fully within their control (e.g. lead their team to victory). This pressure to perform can significantly impact an athlete’s wellbeing. Dr. Jason von Stietz has extensive experience helping athletes with both performance and mental health issues. He can help athletes improve their mental health without losing their competitive edge.

    What now?

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    To set up a consultation with Sport and Performance Psychologist Dr. Jason von Stietz, call (310)375-4855 ext. 14, or email [email protected].