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  • Dr. Jason von Stietz gives sport psychology talk at Lululemon, Tournament of Roses event


    Endurance running, or long-distance running, is an excellent way to support not only one’s physical health but mental health as well. Endurance running has been shown to help people reduce anxiety, reduce depression, and boost mood. Recently, Dr. Jason von Stietz provided a 30-minute talk on mental health and sport psychology at the Lululemon Run with the Roses 5K Announcement Celebration.

    What is the LuluLemon Run with the Roses 5K?

    Lululemon and Tournament of Roses partnered to host a 5 kilometer (5K) race called Lululemon Run with Roses 5K. The race will take place on December 31st at midnight as the New Year officially begins. The course will follow the iconic route of the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena.

    What are the mental challenges of running?

    CBT SoCal’s Dr. von Stietz collaborated with Lululemon ambassador and associate clinical social worker, Lidia Garcia. Garcia is on staff as a therapist at The Girls Institute for Development and Flourish Therapy and Wellness Center.  The two discussed the mental health benefits of physical exercise such as running, the challenges of maintaining motivation, and overcoming obstacles such as a busy work schedule and exercise-related physical injuries.

    What is value-driven behavior?

    Dr. von Stietz and Ms. Garcia discussed the benefits of value-driven behavior. Value-driven behavior involves assessing one’s core personal values. Then, determining what specific behaviors are in alignment with those values, reflecting on possible obstacles, and how to overcome obstacles in a way that aligns with one’s values. For example, if someone values their health and enjoys running, then setting aside time to run throughout the week would be a value-driven behavior. A possible obstacle could be feeling too mentally drained after a long day of work and feeling tempted to stay in and binge watch their favorite. Therefore, a value-driven approach to overcoming this obstacle might be to honor their health by going for a brisk walk outside while listening to their favorite podcast. Although going for a walk might not be a rigorous workout, consistently choosing value-driven behavior leads to significantly better physical and mental health outcomes.

    Was the talk recorded?

    A recording of the event is not currently available but might be available in the future. In the meantime, anyone interested in hearing Dr. von Stietz and Ms. Garcia discuss mental health and sport psychology issues can listen to Movie House Sport Psychology, a podcast that discusses TV and film through a psychological lens. At this time, they have recorded podcast episodes on Cobra Kai season one and two.

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