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  • New Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Podcasts by Dr. Martin Hsia

    Recently, on the podcast Psych Rally, CBTSoCal’s Dr. Martin Hsia had a two-episode conversation with mental health and civil rights advocate, Rudy Caseres.

    Episode 24: The Grandeur of Delusions, Part I

    Episode 25: The Grandeur of Delusions, Part II   

    In these two episodes, you’ll hear a dark, moving, yet hilarious account of Rudy’s misfortunes in the Army, his experiences with involuntary mental health treatment, and history of Bipolar moodswings. Rudy is very brave and gracious for sharing his life so openly, and offers a unique perspective on what it means to be labeled “mentally ill” when it comes to discrimination, access to firearms, and policies about consent for treatment.

     [Note: This conversation contains some explicit language and content that may not be appropriate for unsupervised minors.]