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  • What is CBT?

    CBT is a short-term, comparatively brief psychotherapeutic approach that focuses on problem-solving and skill-building in order to challenge patterns of thinking and behavior that maintain anxiety and mood difficulties.

    CBT has been extensively evaluated in rigorous clinical trials and has solid empirical support as an effective treatment for anxiety and mood disorders. Research also indicates that the changes that occur during CBT treatment are durable and that the individual is less prone to relapse than with other psychological therapies or with medication treatment alone.

    CBT is structured, goal-oriented, and focused on the present as opposed to the past.

    CBT usually utilizes between-session tasks (“homework”) in order to help the client systematically apply new skills and techniques into his or her daily life, and to accelerate treatment (and, therefore, reduce the overall cost of therapy).

    CBT is a flexible, individualized approach that can be adapted to a wide range of clients as well as a variety of settings (inpatient, outpatient, home visits) and formats (group, individual, and couples).

    CBT is compatible with a range of other treatments the client may receive, such as pharmacotherapy or medical treatment.