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  • CBT SoCal’s Dr. Jason von Stietz hosts series of sport psychology presentations for LACPA

    Sport psychology is a growing field and many mental health professionals are taking steps to gain the necessary training to support athletes and performers. CBT SoCal’s Dr. Jason von Stietz is the co-chair of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA) Sport Performance Psychology Special Interest Group (SIG). The LACPA Sport Performance Psychology SIG helps mental health professionals in the Los Angeles area by providing an opportunity to network, support each other, and learn from experts in the field. Dr. von Stietz hosted a series of guest presentations that were open to non-LACPA members.

    Applying principles of sport psychology to other challenges such as job interviews, work performance and coping with the pandemic.

    The first guest presentation was given by Dr. Michael J. Whitman, who is a licensed psychologist with a background as a nationally ranked junior tennis player. Although most sport psychology providers are trained in CBT or a similar approach, Dr. Whitman’s approach to sport psychology is rooted in psychoanalysis.  Dr. Whitman shard insights from his recently published book, A Psychological Analysis of Tennis.

    The application of performance psychology and behavioral modification to address mental health needs in and outside the playing field.

    The second presentation was given by Dr. Ed Garrett, who is an Associate Professor of Sport Performance Psychology at California Baptist University. He discussed his experience branding himself as a Cognitive Performance Coach and teaching mental skills to athletes as well as medical professionals in order to enhance their performance.

    Sports Psychiatry: An overview of mental health disorders and treatment of the athlete.

    The final presentation in the series was given by psychiatrist Dr. Neevon Esmaili. Dr.  Esmaili gave a broad overview of the main topics in sports psychiatry. He discussed the difference between performance enhancing drugs, which are banned, and performance enabling drugs, which help address the psychiatric needs of the athlete without giving an unfair advantage. He also discussed common issues in  sport psychiatry such as concussions, eating disorders, and depression.

    If you are an athlete, coach, or parent of an athlete, and you would like to learn if sport psychology can help you, contact us for a free phone consultation.