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  • CBT SoCal’s Dr. Martin Hsia discusses cognitive behavioral therapy with

    If you are already overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, depression, or struggling to manage your time and energy, how do you find the wherewithal to find a therapist that is right for you? Dr. Martin Hsia, CBT SoCal’s Clinical Director, recently met with journalist Lauren Krouse for an interview for an article in They discussed what people seeking mental health treatment can expect from a cognitive behavioral therapist. Dr. Hsia is a diplomate of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and specializes in helping people with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety, and insomnia. He consults in educational settings, lectures in the community, and provides clinical supervision to mental health professionals.

    Dr. Hsia noted that CBT involves addressing the interplay between thinking patterns, emotions, and behaviors. He discussed how noticing unhelpful thinking patterns helps people to have more constructive thoughts and, in turn, change their behavior.

    Krouse wrote the following noting Dr. Hsia’s comments:

    Depression, for instance, often lies with thoughts like, “Nothing will help me feel better.” Absorb these false beliefs, and you could begin to avoid the people and hobbies you love. But with CBT, you can rewrite a better script: “I feel crappy right now and that makes it hard to text friends. But seeing them could help—even if it’s only a little.”

    “Sometimes there’s a little fake it till you make it,” says Dr. Hsia. “But you start to have some pleasure and gratification and that’s good, and the more you do that proactively—even with some resistance within yourself—you start to enjoy those things again.”

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