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  • Initial Evaluations at the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of SoCal – Part 2

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    In the last post, we described what an initial cognitive behavioral evaluation consists of here at the CBT Center and how it is an important step to getting treatment. In that earlier post, it was assumed that the individual was ready for therapy and wanted to know what the evaluation process entails. However, there are other reasons that you might want to arrange a consultation with us:

    Would it be useful to come for an initial cognitive behavioral evaluation even if I’m not ready for therapy?

    Yes! Even if not quite ready for treatment, an initial consultation might be very helpful in getting clear what the difficulty is and what the treatment for it might look like.  You also have a chance to check us out and to make a connection with a knowledgeable therapist, so that when you’re ready you can easily begin therapy without the anxiety that often accompanies the start of treatment.

    Second opinion consultations.  Another reason to seek out an initial evaluation from us is when you’d like a second opinion. You might do this when you’re not sure that what you’ve been told by other evaluators or treaters is accurate and you’d just like to run it by someone else.  Or, if you feel that your current therapy seems stuck and you’re just not making the progress that you think you should, you might want to get a second opinion evaluation to get our thoughts on your diagnosis and on the appropriate recommendations for treatment.

    Taking the mystery out of initial cognitive behavioral evaluations.

    We hope that this article (along with the previous post) helps to take the mystery out of the process of the initial consultation at the CBT Center.

    If you are considering treatment and would like to schedule an initial cognitive behavioral evaluation at one of our Southern California locations, please contact us here.