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  • Martin Hsia’s Article on OCD Published in Glendale Area Professionals Newsletter

    The CBT SoCal team enjoys sharing its expertise in the treatment of Anxiety Disorders and OCD through writing and speaking opportunities.

    Harm OCD is a sometimes overlooked form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that involves unwanted, intrusive thoughts about harming oneself or others. The general public is most familiar with OCD in the forms of perfectionism, contamination fears and hand-washing, and habitual checking of locks, doors, and switches. However, many OCD sufferers also have thoughts of being a danger to self and society in various forms.

    Glendale Area Mental Health Association

    Recently, the Glendale Area Mental Health Professionals Association (GAMHPA) Newsletter published Dr. Martin Hsia’s article on Harm OCD from the CBT SoCal blog entitled, “I think I might be Dangerous: All About Harm OCD” .

    If you would like to read more about Harm OCD, click here to read our 5-part Harm OCD blog series.

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