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  • OCD Therapy Training

    CBT SoCal's expert OCD and Anxiety therapists Martin Hsia and Melissa Aristoza provided a training to an audience of providers with the Orange County Health agency in Orange, CA
    Even for the most experienced clinician, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be difficult to diagnose and treat effectively. At the end of September, Dr. Martin Hsia and Melissa Aristoza hosted a training for clinicians on OCD and its treatment through the Orange County Behavioral Health Training Center. 

    The training focused on the following:

    • General Introduction to OCD
    • Subtypes of OCD
    • Differential Diagnosis of OCD versus other mental health concerns
    • Basics of Cognitive Behavior Therapy
    • Understanding OCD through a CBT Framework
    • Principles of Behavioral Therapy and Exposure
    • Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD
    • Inference-Based CBT

    At the end of the training, case examples were presented by the audience and the practice to help understand how effective treatment for OCD may require using several different lenses and approaches depending on a sufferer’s presentation, goals, and values.

    CBT SoCal provides professional and trainings for other therapists and mental health professionals on Cognitive Behavior Therapy and its applications to OCD and Anxiety. Contact us if your practice or mental health organization would like us to present on any related topic.