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  • Psychology in HBO’s Game of Thrones (through 7 seasons) – Ep. 33

    Kristin Howard, LMFT practices at CBT SoCal‘s Glendale office and with the Counseling Center of Loyola Marymount University. Jason von Stietz, Ph.D.practices with CBT SoCal in the Torrance office, Whittier College Counseling Center, and has a special interest in Sport and Performance Psychology.

    Winter has come, and CBT SoCal’s Dr. Jason von Stietz and Kristin Howard, LMFT join Martin to discuss Game of Thrones in anticipation of the upcoming 8th and final season of HBO’s rendition of the George R.R. Martin series, A Song of Ice and Fire. The conversation covers reflections and predictions, favorite scenes, and analyses of the characters Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, and Theon Greyjoy, drawing from various themes in Psychology and Psychotherapy.

    How might the “Halo Effect” skew our perception of Jaime Lannister? Where does the “Fundamental Attribution Error” feature in GoT? How does the series demonstrate the principles of Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP)? The team applies concepts from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) in unpacking the depth of GoT’s colorful cast of characters. Who will remain standing at the end of the series? Hear three therapist’s prophesies, and beware of **SPOILER ALERTS** if you have not watched through Season 7 of the Series.

    Mentioned in Episode 33:

    Clinical Psychologist Dr. Martin Hsia practices with the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Southern California in Glendale, CA. His specialties include helping people with Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and Insomnia.