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  • On Improving Medical and Mental Healthcare for Asian Americans – Ep. 29

    A Metaphor for life for Asian Americans: “It’s all about context and fitting in. If you’re in the picture at all, you’re working with other people trying to grow in unison against the elements…You need to be sensitive to the context, and the context determines who you are.” – Dr. Gordon C. Nagayama Hall.

    Dr. Gordon Hall is a Professor of Psychology and the Associate Director of Research in the Center on Diversity and Community at the University of Oregon. Dr. Hall joins the Rally for Episode 29 to discuss significant research findings and trends that impact the Asian American community, including:

    – How the Model Minority Myth impacts physicians’ health stereotypes and Cancer screenings rates
    – Reasons why Asian Americans utilize mental health services at lower rates than other ethnic groups
    – How a “Cultural match” between therapists and clients can be beneficial
    – The adaptation of Mindfulness from Eastern to Western health contexts
    – Direct versus Indirect styles of coping and communicating
    – The value of Eastern and Asian American ideas from a minority perspective

    Mentioned in Episode 29:

    Ibaraki, A.Y., Hall, G.C.N., & Sabin, J.A. (2014). Asian American cancer disparities: The potential effects of model minority health stereotypes. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 5, 75-81.

    Ibaraki, A.Y., &; Hall, G.C.N. (2014). The components of cultural match in psychotherapy.Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 33, 936-953.

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    “Do Cultural Differences Change what Depression feels like?” by Shayla Love

    Clinical Psychologist Dr. Martin Hsia practices with the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Southern California in Glendale, CA. His specialties include helping people with Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and Insomnia.