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  • Presentation on CBT for Insomnia to Pasadena-area Psychologists

    CBT-I CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia Glendale Torrance

    Last week, CBT SoCal’s Dr. Martin Hsia presented at the September meeting of San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association’s (SGVPA) monthly continuing education luncheon. The event was held at the Pasadena Women’s City Club, and the presentation was titled “Supporting Sleep: The Unsung Pillar of Mental Health – An Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I).”

    Professionals in attendance learned about significant statistics regarding the health advantages of sleep, the individual and societal consequences of insufficient sleep, and how Insomnia can be effectively addressed with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT-I). Dr. Hsia discussed the importance of various treatment components, including Sleep Hygiene, Stimulus Control, and Sleep Restriction (e.g. the artful and intentional manipulation of people’s sleep schedules to harness natural sleep drive).

    Many people are not aware that Insomnia can be successfully treated without medication! If sleep has been elusive, and become a source of anxiety, please contact us to discuss our Sleep and Insomnia Treatment Program, and see how we might be able to help!