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  • The Influence of Gender Expression and Race on Discrimination against Sexual Minorities – Ep. 22

    On Episode 22, Dr. Steph Anderson, researcher and lecturer at the Graduate Center of CUNY, discusses her research on the intersection of sexual and ethnic minority experience from her dissertation entitled “(Dis)Entangling Gender Expression and Race in Antigay Discrimination: An Intersectional Approach”.

    Far on the forefront of research in this area, Steph’s work leads to a conversation about the Gender Inversion Stereotype, Attributional Ambiguity, and:
    – The overlap, as well as separation, between one’s sexual orientation and one’s gender.
    – The fluidity and racialization of gender norms.
    – The unique challenges of LGBTQ persons of color in interpreting their experiences of discrimination.
    – The many ways that privilege and oppression can be expressed or experienced.

    Tune in if you want some answers, but are open to leaving with even more questions.

    Dr. Steph Anderson can be contacted at [email protected].

    Mentioned in Episode 22:
    Website for Steph Anderson’s Films and Research
    Steph Anderson’s work on
    Queer Theory, Gender Theory by Riki Wilchins
    Film: Transgeneration
    Information and Resources about LGBTQ Mental Health from NAMI

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