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  • What does Kevin Love do to stay mentally healthy?

    Kevin Love stands on a basketball court and looks to his side

    Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

    In 2018, Kevin Love, former collegiate basketball player for the UCLA Bruins and a five-time NBA all-star, published an essay describing his life-long struggle with depression and anxiety. Love’s essay kicked off a series of high profile athletes disclosing their mental health histories in an attempt to de-stigmatize mental illness. Recently, journalist Jade Scipioni published an article in which Love continues his discussion of mental health issues.

    What does Kevin Love do to stay mentally healthy?

    Love described therapy as “the best gift you can give yourself.” He wrote that therapy helps him to feel safe and get to know himself more with each additional session.

    He also noted that gratitude has been instrumental in maintaining his mental health. Love discussed the necessity of understanding “what’s really important”, which “often don’t cost anything” and feeling grateful. Love described how he channels his grandmother in an effort to emulate her thinking, who was humble and the most grateful person he has ever known.

    He also discussed his habit of journaling, which he stated increases his awareness. He reported enjoying writing his life stories down as a child-like pleasure.

    Of course, Love also discussed the importance of physical exercise, eating, and sleeping. It’s no surprised that he enjoys working out. However, he also discussed the importance of strategic rest. He reported making it a regular habit to engage in meditation and breath-work before going to bed.

    What is Kevin Love’s message to his younger self?

    Love noted that he would tell his younger self to be “selfish” in a healthy way by focusing on what he really wants in life and on the long-term consequences of his actions. For example, he would encourage his younger self to ask questions such as “Do I really want to stay out a few extra hours instead of getting better sleep?”

    Does Kevin Love watch the television show Ted Lasso?

    Love commented that he has enjoyed the show Ted Lasso after his therapist encouraged him to watch it. He appreciated the storyline involving an entire team of young athletes going to therapy. It reminded him of how many of his teammates on the Cavaliers are utilizing the team’s designated therapists to work on the “mental-side” and make “micro-gains” in basketball and in their personal lives.

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