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  • CBT SoCal’s Dr. Jason von Stietz joins the International OCD Foundation’s Anxiety in Athletes Task Force

    At CBT SoCal, our therapists are active members of the mental health community. Dr. Jason von Stietz recently joined the International OCD Foundation’s (IOCDF) Anxiety in Athlete’s Task Force. The IOCDF is an organization committed to helping people suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder and related mental health disorders live productive and meaningful lives. The IOCDF helps provide research and training to support mental health professionals as well as supporting the public by providing a supportive community and advocating against stigma.

    What is the Anxiety in Athletes Task Force?

    The IOCDF recently created the Anxiety in Athletes Task Force, which is aimed at reducing the negative impact of OCD and anxiety in sport. This newly formed task force is currently gathering resources on their website to help educate athletes, parents, and coaches about OCD and related issues.

    What is the Anxiety in Athletes Task Force planning to do next?

    The task force is still being molded and therefore, in many ways, the plans are still open ended. However, there are currently plans to continue a video series interviewing athletes with OCD or the professionals that work with them. Current plans also include a social media campaign to raise awareness about common misconceptions that people hold about OCD. For example, people often believe that OCD is limited to personality quirks related to perfectionism and tidiness. Although OCD can involve perfectionism and cleaning rituals, OCD can have a devastating impact on people’s lives and is much more serious than a personality quirk.  There are also plans to present at various professional conferences to help contribute to scholarship raising awareness of the negative impact of OCD and anxiety among athletes.

    If you are an athlete, parent, or coach working with someone with OCD or a related disorder, contact us to discuss effective OCD treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy with exposure and response prevention.