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  • CBT SoCal offers online therapy (telehealth) in California

    CBT SoCal offers telehealth via video chat or phone!!!

    Telehealth is a simple and convenient method of engaging in psychotherapy in the comfort and safety of your own home. It can be done over the phone or via HIPAA compliant online platforms such as Google Meet or Doxy.Me.

    Telehealth can be an effective means of addressing a variety of mental health issues such as OCD, anxiety, insomnia, depression, PTSD, or body focused repetitive behaviors such as hair pulling or skin picking. Telehealth can be helpful to people of all ages and walks of life (e.g. older adults, busy professionals,  college students, adolescents, and children).

    According to the American Psychological Association, there are several reasons to engage in psychotherapy via telehealth.

    • Increased access to therapy for individuals with physical, medical and/or mobility disabilities.
    • Increased access to disability specialists regardless of geographic area.
    • Increased access to services in areas with few mental health resources.
    • Increased access to psychologists with disability training and experience.
    • Access to therapy in native language (e.g., American sign language).
    • Increased access to therapy for individuals who may have difficulty attending therapy on-site (e.g., those with post-traumatic stress disorder or agoraphobia).
    • More time to collect information about thoughts, feelings and behaviors outside of the sessions.
    • Flexible scheduling.

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